Our Services

Property and Portfolio Administration

Our portfolio administration services include professional renegotiation and the regearing of leases.

Other portfolio administration services include day to day coordination of rent reviews and lease renewals, as well as the oversight of valuations conducted by professional valuers. At all times, current market evidence is taken into account.

Portfolio Optimisation

Undertaking detailed analysis of individual properties, and carrying out financial modelling and cash flow scrutiny, we can identify the most appropriate asset management initiatives that will optimise a portfolio of assets to maximise value.

Each client receives a detailed tailored report, describing how best to optimise their property portfolio and to maximise their financial investment.

Oversight of Management Teams

Bolt Asset Management professionals will oversee management teams, reviewing their performance at both individual and financial levels and suggesting and facilitating restructuring should it be the best option in the circumstances.

We offer services including staff ratio optimisation, ensuring that you have the right balance of staff including support roles, care workers and nursing staff, where appropriate. We can generate capital investment programmes, and can evaluate expenditure and provide supportive, reliable care home management.

Strategic Portfolio Property Advice

The Bolt Asset Management Team will provide strategic portfolio advice to help you to identify potential purchases and sales, in order to get the best possible value from your portfolio of properties. We have extensive experience of real estate transactions and financial modelling, and work with a constant awareness of market conditions and best practice for portfolio structuring.

Should you wish to acquire further property, or to sell an existing property whilst developing your portfolio effectively, then the Bolt Asset Management team can offer advice and consultancy services taking each property’s features into account.

Corporate Restructuring

We have a long history of asset management and value creation, including corporate restructuring to add value. We can increase profits, and better structure a company to allow each investor and investment to meet its full potential and to ensure that resources are maximised and utilised in the most effective way.

Corporate restructuring is essential to drive an organisation forward, and to address changing needs. Our extensive expertise in the development of healthcare, pharmacy and real estate organisations enables us to maximise the potential of existing resources to add value and better meet current and future requirements. We also consider the option of holding entities, and their corporate impact.

Cash Flow Modelling

We understand the importance of cash flow modelling, within the financial planning process. Cash flow modelling allows us to ‘virtually’ analyse your income and outgoings, to see the big picture over an extended length of time.

Professionals from the Bolt Asset Management team will take into account your regular revenues and expenses, along with the potential for any unexpected costs. Cash flow modelling enables you to plan for the financial future, so that nothing comes as a surprise.

Regular and Rigorous Competitor Analysis

Through regular and rigorous competitor analysis, across a wide market of healthcare organisations, we stay ahead on your behalf. Bolt Asset Management staff have knowledge of all sectors in the healthcare arena, and understand how best to analyse the data available to them.

We cover the entire healthcare spectrum, using our years of experience to accurately consider the moves of competitors and the impact their actions will have on their financial situation. All Bolt Asset Management team members consider the industry as a whole whilst managing your portfolio.